for Contest Program (optional)

• Beta Mu Sorority will be selling Boosters again this year, to be displayed in the contest program. If you would like to have friends and family buy a booster to wish your favorite contestant Good Luck or just write them a message; just fill out the booster form sent to parents via email or click the button below to buy online.

Booster sales have ended.

All boosters must be received by November 12, 2018 to appear on the program.
Boosters are $1.00 for any message (please keep it within a reasonable length). The limit on the website for Boosters is 20, but if you need to add more than 20, please send us an email for instructions.

If you are unable to send boosters online, please email boosters to

Example: Sara, Good Luck tonight! Can't wait to see you on stage! Grandma and Grandpa Jones

There is NO AWARD for sold boosters. Participating in Program Boosters is OPTIONAL.